Empowering Youth to

Think Outside the Box!

Meet the Board

 Amelia Taylor, Treasurer

Shango Jamal Lewis,Vice President


Asia Lambert, Administrator

Who We Serve

True Way endeavors to change the mindset of our youth by exposing them to various areas of business and industry, health and wellness, the arts and sciences, and character enhancing options. We help to level the playing field for urban and inner city youth by encouraging perseverance through adversity, accomplishment through achievement, sportsmanship, leadership, expression via the arts, and good citizenship.  Our conferences, workshops, seminars, and community events address the academic, social-emotional, and physical health and well-being. We offer concrete direction to those that might be struggling to find and embrace their area of gifting, identify strengths through passions, and those that are seeking positive alternatives for better futures. We also invite any youth to experience the benefits of a professional True Way conference or workshop. 

True Way Youth Empowerment Foundation

​Provides a supportive community whereby all youth are directed towards attainable goals and armed with practical information and tools necessary to meet life's challenges. We present options and experiences for every kind of learner with varied interests. Our workshop series will inspire, engage, and enlighten all participants.

​Founder & Executive Director

E. Marie Lambert