Lavon Howard, Founder & CEO Path to Greatness and published author of two books; Path to Greatness and Release! Lavon leads the Splash workshop experience. This is a physical critical thinking game. Youth have to think strategically as a team and move their bodies on the game board accordingly. This workshop always makes a splash! 

Moderator: Keaton Nichols. Host of The Lounge on WURD 900 AM / 96.7 FM Radio

CEO of Madam TechKnow, Co-Founder of Know Bullying Coalition, and Author of I'm Here: Empowering Children to Put an End to Bullying

​​Panelist: Jacquelyn Jordan is creator of Kinetic Sole Media, Co-Creator of Dream, Do, Move Mobile Boutique, Blogger for Community Voice Radio, and Co-Host of Higher Ground Radio Talk Show on 106.5 FM 

Illz Willz is an artist of all-trades! This visual and performing artist, and community activist will be leading the charges in The Art of Spoken Word. Illz Willz has traveled throughout the region turning life into words that give life to life. Participants will learn how to tell their stories in a way that is both soul-stirring and transforming to the writer and the listener. Connect with him on Instagram and Faebook

Are you afraid to speak to a crowd? Are you a budding motivational speaker, lawyer, advocate, or presenter? Dare To Speak is the perfect workshop to help you find your voice. Trapdoor Inc, co-founder's, Dennis Davis and Clarence Harris are Toastmaster certified and adept at breaking the speaker fear in youth!

​Contact  by email at

Panelist: Mike Burwell, Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Pastor

Panelist: CEO of Greater Days Ahead Consulting, Host Community Voice PhL Radio, Co-host Higher Ground Radio Talk Show on 106.5 FM, and Director of Operations of Dream, Do, Move Mobile Boutique.

Focus Youth Network Executive Director, Devon Buchanan provides experiences for youth that takes them well out of their comfort zones and environments! F.O.C.U.S.  Also known as Coach Cannon, will lead the groups in team and trust building exercises. He is also author of the new book, Bus 23: Tips and Strategies to Help Teens Overcome Peer Pressure.

Contact Devon Buchanan at


Amber;s Magical Savings Box

Best selling author, Rachael Hanible will lead our young participants on a journey to financial literacy, goals, and wealth with this interactive and literacy based workshop.

Visit for more information.

Creat and Meditate: Positive Self-Talk  is a workshop presented by Co-Founder of Non-profit Organization, Kuwrah Cares. This workshop will engage participants in an art-based positive self-image and self-talk experience. Kuwrah Cares is an organization dedicated to creating positive energy and images for youth to relate.

Yaeisha G. Slack-Ward is a woman in science that ROCKS!:In addition to being a member of the  Association For Women in Forensic Science, Inc. (AWIFS) , she is an Analytical Chemist for the Water Department. She will be presenting a workshop titled, What's the Scenario? Do you like shows that walk you through the minds of criminals and crime scenes? Are you interested in the investigation process? This workshop is for you! The female-scientist workshop is not just for girls or women, but anyone interested in criminal, dead bodies, and crime scene investigation. Connect at

Panelist: Aniyah Ayers, Co-Founder of Aniyah's Mission and Philanthropist

Miss Martha's Sewing and Design: Sew it Up Workshop> Are you a budding fashion designer or just interested in making your own clothes? Miss Martha will give you a crash course in sewing from patterns, creating, and how to use a sewing machine. Get ready to stitch it up!

 2018 Think Outside the Box Fall Conference Was Amazing! 

​Check out our presenters and the photos!

Panelist: Marvin S. Dutton, Founder and CEO of Marvin's Education Services

Panelist: Councilman -At-Large, Derek S. Green

Empowering Youth to

Think Outside the Box!

Sederia Brown, Co-Founder of Know Bullying Coalition, CEO of Madam TechKnow, and Author of I'm Here: Empowering Children to Put an End to Bullying, will share her and her son's testimony about being bullied, while offering the children a hands-on activity to drive the message of ending bullying home. Contact her or Co-Founder Eric Marsh via email at

Panelist:  Naida Elena Burgos, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Center for Bioethics, Urban Health and Policy at Temple University's Lewis Katz School of Medicine

*Not Pictured: Striving to Be A Better Me is a social-emotional awareness workshop presented by Shelley Dixon, MS. MSCJ. This engaging workshop will allow participants to find their voices and help them speak so they are heard and move towards healing.

Panelist: Joy McFadden, Community Voice and Higher Ground Radio Team, and digital media expert.

Our Moderated Symposium:

How Do We Develop Stronger Character Among Youth?

Did you know that the game of chess is closely aligned with the game of life? The Childhood Lost Entertainment Group  founders Kaliek Hayes and Stephen Gardner presents Chesschat. This workshop is designed to nurture the minds of youth and create a generation of thinkers versus reactors. 

Contact at

Joshua "Black" Pope is The Urban Black Vegan. Joshua transformed his life and health when he became vegan. His workshop, Eat & Educate, will support our youth that want to change their eating habits and participants will make their own vegan sausage! This will be a deliciously educational workshop!