Empowering Youth to

Think Outside the Box!


Summer Programming:

July 5th thru August 30, 2018

True Way is available to add a variety of creative workshops to your summer camp or summer programs. Contact E. Marie Lambert to discuss bringing a workshop series or a single workshop to enhance your offerings and engagement for youth this summer. Email at truewayyef@gmail.com

Right Now!

Are you Warm and Toasty this season?  True Way, Family Affairs International, Heart-to-Health Home Care Services, and the Mixson Family lineage spread a little warmth this season with The Give Back at Stenton Family Manor/ Stay tuned for pictures. You can also see us on Fox 29 News. Click "The Give Back" button.

Contact E. Marie Lambert at truewayyef@gmail.com to find out how to donate throughout the year.

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Upcoming Conferences

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​​Keynote Speakers​​

our organization provides youth with an opportunity to hear from successful individuals. Click Events to read more.

​​​​​​​​Empowering Workshops

our workshops are presented by licensed and trained professionals. Click below to see a list of workshops offered.​ Click Events to read more.

True Way encourages youth to...
 Think Outside the Box! Our mission is to inspire youth to explore all paths and avenues towards their goals. Within that search to find their niche', we implore them to step out of their comfort zones and find creative and innovative ways to "skin the cat!" Our conferences and workshops develop and enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary to navigate life successfully in and beyond the classroom.