Are you Warm and Toasty this season?  True Way, Family Affairs International, Heart-to-Health Home Care Services, and the Mixson Family lineage spread a little warmth this season with The Give Back at Stenton Family Manor/ Stay tuned for pictures. You can also see us on Fox 29 News. Click "The Give Back" button.

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Empowering Youth to

Think Outside the Box!


True Way encourages youth to...
 Think Outside the Box! Our mission is to inspire youth to explore all paths and avenues towards their goals. Within that search to find their niche', we implore them to step out of their comfort zones and find creative and innovative ways to "skin the cat!" Our conferences and workshops develop and enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary to navigate life successfully in and beyond the classroom.

Excellence without apologies or excuses!

Kensington CAPA Choir: Our Keynote Presentation

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Meet Our Food Sponsor!

Tiffany L. Clark, Owner/Executive Chef  of TMD Catering 

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Tiffany L. Clark developed a deep appreciation for food a a very young age. She would watch in awe as her mother and grandmother prepared food and desserts for Sunday dinners. As grannie's little helper, she graciously lent her palate as her taste tester. Unaware of what her future held for her, nevertheless she knew she wanted to do something extraordinary and leave her imprint on the world.

As a young adult, Tiffany taught herself the culinary fundamentals. She took what she visually learned over the years and applied it to what she has read in cool books and shows she has watched on popular culinary networks. Years of bringing these delicious dishes she's mastered to family and friends gathering, it was suggested by a very close friend to pursue food as a career. She got her first hon working in a kitchen at the Double Tree Hotel in King of Prussia. She started as a prep cook and worked her way up to line cook and assisted with all banquet events.

In February 2015, Tiffany decided to establish her own catering company, TMD Catering. During this time, she has built a loyal clientele by providing her gifted sense of true hospitality and remarkable services to locals for: weddings, private events, non-profits and corporate functions and more. Her "feel for the flavors" concept has helped create amazing aliments that has captured the heart of her clients. She has been given the name Comfort Food Queen by a vast of her customers. She has also built clientele with her occasional dinner sales. She specializes in southern food with a twist. Her customers are huge fans of her flavorful wings, sweet and savory collard greens and the assortment of salads her company offers. Her company provides an array of cuisines: Soul Food, Italian, Caribbean, and Mexican.

​Tiffany is eager to broaden her skills. She still reads cook cooks, tries new recipes and adds her own personal flare. Give her a challenge, and she will master it. She developed such a great passion for the art and it is evident that her heart and soul goes into every dish!